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Meet EddieGPT – Need to speak to me, but I'm not available? Would you like to pick my mind, and talk about your project to brainstorm your ideas? Try EddieGPT. It's like having a small part of my mind in the palm of your hands! This cool tool I created can chat with you about things like making websites and tech stuff, just as if you were talking to me. EddieGPT is full of knowledge from my own experiences and is always ready to help out with advice or answer your questions, any time of the day. Imagine having a mini version of me, just a click away, to help with your ideas or learn new things!  Dive into a seamless digital consultation experience at [ ]. Its Free to use, but requires a ChatGPT Plus membership. EddieGPT is NOT actually me, and I can't see anything you speak to it about.

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