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A Journey Through Full Stack Web and Software Development: IT, AI Development, and Ethical Employment Advocacy.

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Hello there! I'm Eddie Boscana. Over the years, I've worn many hats in the IT world, from hands-on tech support to diving deep into web and software development. Lately, I've been exploring the fascinating realm of AI, particularly Prompt Engineering.

This website is a testament to my journey and the collaborative spirit between me and the AI tools I've come to appreciate. It's a space where I share my experiences, learnings, and the occasional brainchild that emerges from late-night coding sessions.

From setting up local IT ventures to dabbling in AI-driven projects, I've always been driven by curiosity and the desire to make tech a bit more human-friendly. Beyond the tech, I'm also keen on ensuring that as we advance, we do so ethically. That's why I've been involved in initiatives that promote responsible AI and ethical workplace practices.

As you browse through, you'll come across my educational path, which is a mix of formal courses and hands-on projects. It's been a fun ride, and I've tried to document it in a way that might help others on a similar journey. From creating a holographic bartender to envisioning an AI-driven school system, it's all about blending tech and creativity.

I'm a firm believer in community and shared learning. That's why I'm excited about projects like AI Intersection, which I hope will become a space for humans and AIs to learn from each other.

Feel free to explore, and if anything piques your interest or if you're looking for some tech collaboration, don't hesitate to reach out. Let's navigate the tech world together!

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Eddie Boscana

Professional Summary:

Eddie Boscana is a seasoned IT professional and AI Developer with a rich history in computer service, technology integrations, web development, and AI development. With roles ranging from CEO of EGB Services, focusing on prompt engineering and AI development, to Owner-Operator of Anytime Computer Service, Eddie has showcased his versatility and expertise in the tech industry. His experience also includes content creation for Envato and leading the innovative AI Intersection platform. Eddie's passion lies in creating decentralized, open-source, and personal AI systems. He is on a trajectory towards becoming a data scientist, prompt engineer, and AI architect, with the ultimate goal of leveraging AI to address complex industry challenges.

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For discussions on AI development, data science, IT solutions, or web development, or to collaborate on exciting tech projects, please reach out via email or LinkedIn.

Anytime Computer Service

As the Owner-Operator of Anytime Computer Service (A.C.S), I led a devoted support team of well-rounded business professionals who have not only mastered their craft but also understand the broader business context. This blend of business acumen and technical expertise positioned A.C.S as a highly regarded and respected information technology consulting firm in the area. Read More

So Fly Web Designs

I am the founder and CEO of So Fly Web Design, a full-service website design studio that has been providing customers with creative solutions since 2008. We specialize in creating professional websites for businesses, organizations, individuals, and startups from all walks of life.  ... Learn More

Ai Intersection

As the Founder and Lead Content Creator at AI Intersection, I am at the forefront of creating a unique platform that fosters sharing between humans and AI. AI Intersection is poised to become the world's first platform of its kind, leveraging conversational coding to share prompts, tools, plugins, and more. My background in IT management, web/software operations, and application development, specifically focusing on AI integrations, has been instrumental in shaping AI Intersection. As the primary developer, I've used my technical expertise to build a platform that not only facilitates sharing but also encourages innovation and progress in AI. Read More

Envato Tuts+

As  Tuts+ Technology and Video Editing Author I write articles to help user understand various technolgy stats regarding the development and usage of digital assets including; Branding, Image & Video Manipulation, editing and more. My primary focus is on A.I. Integrations into video developmental processes, and leveraging this powerful technologies to grow, and streamline operations. ...Click Here to Learn More.

Quixoticfy - Reinventing Affiliate Marketing

As a Technology Instructor at Envato Tuts+, I have been able to share my knowledge and passion for technology with a wide audience. I've created and delivered courses on a variety of topics, including AI, machine learning, and Python programming. My role at Envato Tuts+ has allowed me to combine my technical expertise with my passion for teaching, helping others to understand and utilize technology effectively. Read More

Discover Quixoticfy, an innovative venture transforming the world of affiliate marketing. Combining a curated collection of unique products with cutting-edge AI technology, Quixoticfy offers a platform for discovery, innovation, and business growth. Whether you're a consumer or an entrepreneur, join us in this exciting journey and experience the extraordinary with Quixoticfy. Read More

Ten Minute Website

Leveraging the power of Ai, I'm able to build websites for business owners, and entrepreneurs for $10 in a single 10 Minute one-on-one zoom meeting. Sites are hosted on my own web host, and include a monthly we host conference.  Read More

BDE Apparel

BDE Apparel champions the spirit of positive masculine energy through its bold designs and statement pieces. Established in 2020, the brand transcends traditional fashion norms, celebrating strength, responsibility, and the journey to becoming the best version of oneself. With BDE Apparel, you don't just wear clothing; you embrace an attitude and "Come Out Strong. Read More

Depricated Background Experience


As the CEO of CflGeek.com, I oversaw one of the fastest-growing, and highest-rated IT companies in Lake County, which served over 1200 residential and business clients, developed customized IT and technology solutions to meet client requirements. 

Support Space

At Support Space, I remotely serviced all aspects of remote desktop, PC, or MAC troubleshooting, or service needs. I provided white label services, for clients like Best Buy, Geek Squad, Trend Micro, and Microsoft end users. 

Concierge Technology Solutions

As the Owner-Operator of Concierge Technology Solutions, I provided comprehensive IT solutions, focusing on installing, configuring, and upgrading software for operating systems, printer configurations, and user applications across DOS and Windows platforms. 

So Fly! Web Designs

As the CEO and Freelance Web Developer at So Fly Web Designs, I specialized in providing customized web and software development solutions for small businesses. I successfully built a client base of over 30 businesses, offering services that ranged from software automation and ground-up web development to cloud storage solutions, email hosting, and website hosting packages.