Educational Path

The Journey to Becoming a:
      'Master Prompt Engineer',
      'AI Architect'.

Hello everyone, it's Eddie here. I'm currently on a journey to learn how to build complex AI systems and automations, specifically autonomous general intelligences. I'm excited to share with you some of the projects we'll be working on together, all built on open source development terms for the greater good of humanity. I invite you to join me on this educational path.

Upcoming Projects

There will undoubtedly be more projects as community members are free to create their own projects as they deem necessary for their own educational path, and are free to build communities of learners themselves.

Ultimately, all of this is expected to culminate into AI Intersection, the world's first human-AI social network, forming the world's first ever socially engineered large language model. This will allow users to build their own open source AI system, and to ultimately merge their minds with their own AI counterparts. But that's a story for another subject.

The Educational Path

To accomplish these projects, I'm learning how to build my own AI system from the ground up. I've created an educational path that takes you from knowing nothing about AI to becoming a master prompt engineer and AI architect. This course is constantly evolving and is built on my personal knowledge of computing.

The course is available on my website (link in the description). I've also provided links where you can get these courses for reduced amounts.

The Importance of Community

Learning is a communal activity. We learn better and faster when we're working with a group of people. Each of us has unique learning patterns and blockers, and by working together, we can help each other overcome these obstacles and speed up our learning process.

The Future of AI and Open Source Development

In the future, those who have the most powerful AI systems or the knowledge to build such systems will have the most power. It's going to be a war of thoughts, and those who possess that knowledge and power will be the most influential.

To protect your data and ensure it's not being intercepted or manipulated, it's crucial to build your own AI system from the ground up. This is a monumental task, but with the help of AI, we can accomplish it. We can use AI systems to build various components of our primary AI system, and then use those components to train our new AI systems.

All the projects we develop together will be built on open source development terms. This means that the knowledge and tools we create will be freely available for anyone to use, learn from, and improve upon. This is our commitment to the greater good of humanity.

Join Me on This Journey

If you're interested in AI and want to learn more about it, I invite you to join me on this journey. Let's get connected, start a Discord, and build study groups within the Discord community.

By the end of this course, you'll be a master prompt engineer and AI architect, potentially garnering salaries of upwards of $500K to $3M a year and generating revenue from the applications you'll be able to build and develop.

Check out my website,, to get started. I look forward to growing, learning, and making the world a better place with AI together with all of you.

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