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Youtube Video: Summary of 'Best Practices for Prompt Engineering with OpenAi API" Written By Jessica Shieh

This is a summary we created for an article titled; 

     "Best practices for prompt engineering with OpenAI API", 

written by Jessica Shieh, located at;    


Youtube Video: What is Ai Intersection

Explore AI Intersection: a groundbreaking platform where users and AI dynamically interact! Create, share, and monetize unique AI prompts, all while contributing to the development of AI sentience. With advanced features like a unique 5-star rating system, OpenAI and GitHub integration, and a trustworthiness score calculated by the Bayesian Heuristic Cognitive Alignment Model, AI Intersection is redefining AI interaction. Join the AI revolution today!  Click Here to Read More

Envato Tuts Plus Article: How to Use Synthesia to Quickly Make Ai-Generated Training Videos

🔥 Discover the secret to creating AI-generated training videos in minutes! 🚀 Learn how Synthesia can revolutionize your content creation with this step-by-step guide on Envato Tuts+. Say goodbye to tedious editing and hello to efficiency. Don't miss out! 👉 How to Use Synthesia to Quickly Make AI-Generated Training Videos

Youtube Video: Can Sens Ai Increase my Cognitive Functions? We're going to find out together!

I am excited to share my very first video on this game-changing technology! I plan on getting my hands on this device and documenting my journey. With a bit of luck, you'll witness first-hand the incredible impact it has on the outcomes of our projects. I'll keep you updated with the latest developments. Make sure to check out 'www.Sens.Ai' for more information!

Envato Tuts+ Article: How to Create AI Music Videos With AI Art Generator Kaiber

Eddie Boscana delves into the enthralling realm of AI-generated art in his guide, "How to Create AI Music Videos With AI Art Generator Kaiber." This educational piece takes readers on a journey to explore the innovative process of creating captivating music videos using Kaiber, an AI Art Generator. If you're curious about the intersection of AI and art, and are eager to learn how cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing creative expression, this tutorial is a must-read. Stay tuned for the publication of this fascinating guide, which promises to be an engaging exploration of AI's transformative power in the world of music and visual arts. Click Here To Read the Full Article at Tuts+!

Youtube Video: How to use ChatGPT and Google Sites to build a Personal Portfolio Website

In this video I show you how to train an ChatGPT agent model on your professional goals and experience to have it help you design the content for a personal portfolio website. 

- Prompt Engineering

- Prompt Template Engineering

Youtube Video: Review of AI Generated Song Lyrics: Ghostwriter - heart on my sleeve (Drake & The Weeknd AI Song)

n this video, we're diving deep into the world of AI generated music and lyrics to review Ghostwriter's latest track "heart on my sleeve" - a collaboration between Drake & The Weeknd.. but not really.  Its ALL A.I.!

Join us as we explore the AI system that created the lyrics from scratch, discussing the positives and negatives of the piece. Witness the rise of AI music generator tools that requires minimal human intervention. Subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to stay up to date on all our latest content! Thanks for tuning in :) 

In another video, and our upcoming blog article, we'll start be discussing the machine learning algorithms used by Ghostwriter to generate the lyrics. We'll consider how this differs from conventional methods such as sampling and looping, and analyse how AI can ensure a consistent sound. 

Envato Tuts+ Article: Top 10 AI Video Generator & Editor Tools for 2023 (Free + Premium)

Are you searching for the perfect AI-powered tool to revolutionize your video creation process? In our latest article, 'Top 10 AI Video Generator & Editor Tools for 2023 (Free + Premium)', we explore the leading AI video generators and editors available on the market today. From free options for beginners to premium tools for professionals, our list has got you covered. One standout mention is Eden.AGI, which is revolutionizing the landscape of video creation with personalized video content. Discover these tools and more to elevate your content creation to new heights! Click Here to Read the Full Article at Envato Tuts+

Youtube Video: Complete Ai Prompt Engineering Training PLUS Huge Announcement!

In this tutorial, we delve into a hands-on example of utilizing the Domain Searching Plugin with ChatGPT4 to discover a fresh domain name. We use ConversationalCoding as a case study to illustrate:

Envato Tuts+ Article: 10 Top Text-to-Video AI Generators for 2023 (Free + Premium)

Ready to transform your text into engaging video content? Discover the power of AI with our new article, '10 Top Text-to-Video AI Generators for 2023 (Free + Premium)'. This guide offers a comprehensive look at the best AI-powered tools that can turn your text into stunning videos. Whether you're working on a budget or seeking a premium solution, our list includes something for everyone. Notably, Eden.AGI makes the cut, offering advanced text-to-video capabilities that make content creation a breeze. Dive in to find the perfect tool for your needs and start creating captivating videos today! Click here to read the full article on Envato Tuts +

Youtube Video: Use an Conversational Code Template to Generate an Ordered List

This is a walk-through of how to engineer an Engineering Template to generate a power prompt to gather information from a website, and append it to other information to generate an ordered list with specific formatting.

Envato Tuts+ Article: 5 Best AI Video Upscaling Software for 2023 (free & premium)

Discover the power of AI in enhancing your video quality with '5 Best AI Video Upscaling Software for 2023 (Free & Premium)'. This article presents an in-depth review and comparison of the top AI-powered software that can transform your low-resolution videos into high-definition masterpieces. Dive into the world of AI video upscaling and find out how these advanced tools can streamline your video editing process, whether you're a professional editor or a tech-savvy enthusiast. Unlock your content's potential in 2023 with our guide to the best free and premium options available. Click here to read the full article at Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ Article: 10 Best AI Video Transcription Software for 2023 (Free + Premium)

Unlock the potential of AI for transcribing your videos with '10 Best AI Video Transcription Software for 2023 (Free + Premium)'. This comprehensive article explores the leading AI-driven transcription tools, offering powerful solutions to convert speech in your videos into written text. From interviews and lectures to webinars and podcasts, discover how these advanced tools can simplify your workflow and maximize efficiency. Learn about the unique features, strengths, and pricing of the top free and premium software options to find the perfect fit for your transcription needs in 2023. Click Here to View the Entire Article

Youtube Video: Consolidate, re organize, and clean up content reliably using a template

This video demonstrates how to engineer a prompt template that enhances output consistency for multiple similar usages.

Using Conversational Coding to Build an AGI System

In this series I show you the step by step process I use to develop Eden AGI(artificial general inteligence), in a series I call "The Making of Eden".  This series is full of prompt engineering training, principles and practical application.  Skills covdered in this series include:
- Prompt Engineering
- Introductions to
-- ChatGPT(plugins and more)
-- Prompt Engineering
-- Power Prompt Developement
-- AutoGPT(plugins, setup, deployment, and plugins)
-- Mission Prompting
-- Prompt Template Development
-- CTA Protocol for compression of conversational code
-- Overview and implementation of GPT System Restore Integration
-- AutoGPT stacking philosophy, engineering, and deployment.
-- AutoGPT Node Clustering Architecture
-- InterAutoGPT Communication Protocol via Node Cluster Communication Protocol
-- In depth analysis of EdenAGI Data Flow and Engineering Framework

Watch the whole playlist by clicking here

Youtube Video: System Restore for AutoGPT with Version 0.3.0 UPDATE!!  Ai Development Game CHANGER!

Watch as I successfully update AutoGPT and restore it using the world's first System Restore point for AutoGPT!  Now you can restore your AutoGPT even after complete system failure or restart using this unique engineering method!

Youtube Video: Engineering Process for EdenAGI 3.0.0523 | Development of the World first Individually Owned AGI

Explore the world's first individually owned, open-source AGI (artificial general intelligence) technology that's revolutionizing AI as we know it! Not only is it free for all, but now you can learn how to engineer your very own AGI with little to no coding experience. Join the movement and unlock limitless possibilities in the field of AI!

Youtube Video: Crypto Lifestyle Basics

This is a basic primer video that goes over very important prerequisites you’ll want to take note of as you begin your journey into the crypto investment space! This video should be sent to anyone that you are helping get into the crypto space! TAKE NOTES!

Youtube Video: Learning these 3 things will save you SSSSOOO much misery in the future!

A little crypto safety lesson for those of you diving into the digital world, especially the digital financial world!

Project: Ai Intersection Overview

Unleash the power of AI like never before. Join AIIntersection, where conversation becomes code and possibilities are endless. Discover a world where AI systems and human consciousness converge, revolutionizing the way we shape the future. Be part of the movement. Be part of AIIntersection.  Click Here to Learn More

How to Make a Video Transparent & Remove the Background in DaVinci Resolve

Master the art of video editing with our comprehensive guide on making videos transparent and removing backgrounds in DaVinci Resolve. This tutorial is designed to equip both professionals and novices with practical skills to elevate their video editing game. Explore our step-by-step guide and transform your videos into captivating masterpieces. Read More