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Welcome to the Future

I envision a future where AI and AGI seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, solving complex problems, enhancing creativity, and driving economic growth. By fostering an open-source, community-driven approach to AI development, I aim to build a world where innovative technology empowers individuals, transforms industries, and creates a more equitable, intelligent, and sustainable future for all. 

Using Technology to revolutionize how we experience music and connect with others.

With advanced technologies we can literally transform the very fabric of space and time, using our words. Watch as we leverage powerful technologies to reshape the entire music industry and join the musical adventure. Together we can engineer the world we dream of.

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What to Do? Navigating the Future of AI at the GDG Central Florida Hackathon

Join Eddie Boscana as he explores various AI projects and their potential impact at the GDG Central Florida Hackathon. From enhancing education with AiSchool to transforming music streaming with theRadio.Ai, Eddie shares his insights and seeks community feedback.

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Join me in the studio for some live Ai1st Application Layer Development

I'm spearheading a revolutionary project to engineer a sort of blueprint for how every person can use their own words and thoughts to build their own privately owned, and operated AGi, powered by a base level technology I refer to CORE, which itsel if the worlds first Open Source ASi Foundational OS Model. Basically its the DNA for an ASi system. It is the base program layer for an AGi system. It allows your AGi to be able to indepently control and thus integrate any other system, and ensure perfect synergestic system interoperability.

Read more: [ External Site: https://www.projecteden.online/engineering-logs/core-asi-transition ]

I'm on a quest for tech’s next big leap and eager to be part of it. Ready to jump into software and web innovations? Looking for a partner to bring your idea to life? Let's start this journey together. I can help with Ai1st:

Ai1st Media Streaming Application utilizing Javascript, React.js, Node.js, python, and several other modalities to serve up Ai Generated and Human generated media files.

TheRadio.Ai is a revolutionary music streaming service that bridges the gap between the endless personalization of exsisting applications and the ease of old school radio station. The Radio.Ai is what everyone has been waiting for when it comes to simply enjoying the music.

Learn more by clicking here: TheRadio.Ai

As the CEO and Lead Developer at SoFly Web Designs, I specialize in creating bespoke digital solutions that optimize business processes and enhance customer engagement. With over 30 projects completed, I ensure the delivery of high-quality, scalable web applications tailored to client needs. My expertise spans a wide array of web development technologies, making SoFly Web Designs a leader in intuitive and innovative web solutions. For more information, visit SoFlyWebDesigns.com. 

Project Eden is at the forefront of AI and AGI innovation, spearheaded by Eddie Boscana. This visionary project focuses on creating accessible, scalable, and ethical AI solutions that address global challenges and transform industries. With an open-source, community-driven approach, Project Eden aims to democratize AI technology, ensuring its benefits are available to all. Join us in shaping the future of AI and explore the possibilities at ProjectEden.Online. 

Leveraging my expertise in decentralized finance, I have successfully learned how to mint NFTs, build minting bots, and integrate third-party crypto payment merchant services. At DeFi Merchant Service, I utilize advanced skills to create Builderall web applications that support multi-level commission structures with instant distribution of crypto earnings. My work ensures seamless, automated sales and accounts receivable processes, providing businesses with innovative and efficient financial solutions. Explore more about how my skills can revolutionize your business finance at DeFi Merchant Service. 

This application is world's first Talent Sharing Network. We help artists, and venues bypass the middle man, and with the help of some talented booking agents, get direct access to each other!

This application serves a larger purpose though. It is actually a template and blueprint that can be used for any agency. The data is synchronized to a global database, and connects to FollowtheMusic.App, allowing listeners to dive deeper with artists.

Learn more about Making Waves by clicking here: https://makingwavesagency.com/

As the Owner-Operator of Anytime Computer Service, I provide comprehensive IT support and cloud management solutions tailored to meet diverse technological needs. Our services range from foundational IT support to advanced web and software development projects, ensuring smooth operations and strategic digital transformation for our clients. With a commitment to fast, reliable solutions and exceptional customer service, Anytime Computer Service is your trusted partner for all IT needs. For more information, visit AnytimeComputerService.com. 

As the founder and developer of BDE Apparel, I have combined my expertise in web development and eCommerce to create a seamless online shopping experience. Built on WordPress, the BDE Apparel website utilizes WooCommerce for robust eCommerce capabilities and Printful for high-quality print-on-demand services. This integration ensures a smooth process from browsing to checkout, offering customers a wide range of bold, stylish, and high-quality clothing. BDE Apparel not only stands out for its unique designs but also for its efficient and user-friendly online platform. Explore our collections and experience the seamless blend of technology and fashion at BDEApparel.com. 

Ai Music and Audio Engineering.. Ghost Writing Services. 

Do you need ghost writing services, and/or ai music engineering?  I can help.  Below are a few projects I've completed to demonstrate what I can do. I engineered the following songs completely using Ai, and I can create pretty much any type of music or audio experience you need.

Join the Adventure:

This journey is about creating a vision for the future, revolutionizing music, transforming the financial system, and maybe even solving death itself. Your imagination is the only limit.

Connect With Me:

Let's explore AI and prompt engineering's possibilities together. Join me in shaping a smarter world.

My Vision & Mission

Mission Statement:

"Empowering the Future Through AI Innovation"

My mission is to harness the transformative power of AI to create innovative solutions that elevate businesses, enhance human experiences, and address global challenges. I am committed to making AI technology accessible, ethical, and revolutionary.

Purpose Statement:

"Revolutionizing the World with Ethical AI"

My purpose is to lead the development of AI systems that seamlessly integrate into our lives, solving complex problems and driving economic growth. Through a community-driven, open-source approach, I aim to build a future where AI empowers individuals and transforms industries for the better.

Basic Chatbot Example

Advanced Custom GPT Development:
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With a diverse background in IT and a focused trajectory towards AI and Machine Learning, I'm currently on a mission to redefine the boundaries of artificial intelligence and human partnerships. I'm the founder and lead content creator at AI Intersection, a platform that aims to become the world's first sharing platform between humans and AI. Read More...

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and businesses, each providing unique challenges and learning experiences. From founding and operating IT companies like Anytime Computer Service and CflGeek to developing AI-driven projects like Project Eden, I've always been driven by the desire to push the boundaries of what's possible with technology.

My work extends beyond the technical realm. I am passionate about the ethical implications of AI and am committed to ensuring that the benefits of AI are equitably distributed. As part of this commitment, I've initiated the Ethical Employer Certification, a project that promotes ethical behavior in the workplace and recognizes employers who meet high standards of ethical conduct.

Connect with Me

Explore my website to learn more about my work, my projects, and my journey in the world of AI and IT. If you're interested in discussing AI development, IT solutions, or if you have any exciting projects that require the expertise of an experienced AI developer and IT specialist, feel free to get in touch.

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Eddie Boscana's AI services offer advanced algorithms that help businesses generate high-quality, personalized content for increased engagement and conversions. With AI-generated content, businesses can stay ahead of the competition by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, paving a promising future for sales strategies.